European Spaces of Culture


European Spaces of Culture - Phase 3 (2023)

The third and last round of European Spaces of Culture in its shape as Preparatory Action saw 8 projects implemented in 2023. By addressing the topics of climate action and accessibility and inclusivity, empowering underrepresented groups and communities, and peacebuilding and dialogue in (post-)conflict zones, these projects have uncovered news insights into the practice and meaning of cultural relations. Explore them below!

European Spaces of Culture - Phase 2 (2022)

The second phase of European Spaces of Culture builds on the results of the first, with new pilot projects in 2022 to find new innovative collaborations that show the development of the implementation of the EU's approach to international cultural relations.

The second Call for Ideas, which was launched in January 2021, invited EUNIC members, EU Delegations and their local cultural partners to come together and present new projects. The international selection committee chose 11 ambitious cultural relations projects for implementation between January and October 2022. Find out more below!

European Spaces of Culture - Phase 1 (2020-2021)

Under the first phase of European Spaces of Culture, six pilot projects were implemented to test innovative models of collaboration from March 2020 until April 2021. These projects ranged from among others building a network of makers' spaces in West Africa and raising awareness of the danges of air pollution in Mongolia, to co-production and travelling performances of contemporary drama in Central America.

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