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Enter my Universe
Artist performing at Tundawala Festival
Photo: Revista Movkool

Disability is rarely being addressed publicly in Angolan society. There is a certain awareness concerning people with impairments, as Angola went through 40 years of civil war, but there are still some taboos around the questions of disability as a medical condition.

This project Enter My Universe draws attention to difficulties people with disabilities face in Angola, with a special focus on accessibility to cultural life. Despite 40 years of censorship and armed conflict causing countless victims, disability and impairment are topics that are still rarely being addressed in Angola, therefore a public discourse about the matter is needed.

To guarantee visibility, an inclusive arts festival with workshops, exhibitions, screenings and two roundtables will bring together Angolan and European artists in townships such as the neighbourhood Cazenga and the city centre of Luanda. One if the project’s highlights will be the first ever European-Angolan co-production of a hip hop opera by artists with and without disabilities. The festival aims at tearing down the borders between different universes. This project will be a premiere to have artists with disabilities being seen on stage, addressing directly potential decision makers, but also expanding the theatre of the Cazenga based art centre ANIM'ART to meet the needs of persons with impairments, creating Angola's first fully inclusive and accessible art venue.

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