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More Than Human

It is increasingly difficult for especially young Chinese to express themselves openly, and recent crackdowns on NGOs and advocacies speaking on behalf of suppressed groups has made it virtually impossible to voice activities related to non-conformity in public let alone in closed fora.

More Than Human is a festival to discuss and celebrate queerness beyond the spectrum of gender identity. It will take place at various venues in Beijing during 10 weeks in the second half of 2023 with a core programme centered around a large-scale exhibition with works by artists from Europe, China and third countries, the majority coming from EUNIC member countries.

The art works will allow both participants and audiences to seek inspiration from the frictions between species, being, time and technologies to imagine new ways to comprehend the ambiguous and complex realities we live in. An ongoing series of public activities of a more academic nature will complement the exhibition and its related art events (satellites) to build bridges between audiences, communities, and cultural institutions. Through talks, podcasts, and conferences they will address diversity in a cultural and social sense including isolation, displacement, environmental degradation, and mental health.

These programmes will be held in formats that can be contained within the delicate cultural and political climate of China. All in all, More Than Human will constitute a premiere platform in China for nonconformist perspectives and experimental intersection that connects and empowers underrepresented segments of the art scene and society, calls for more access and inclusion in cultural life through public engagements in ways that are inventive for the development of cultural relations between Europe and China.

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