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First edition of the International Community Film Festival

Can you imagine a place where historically marginalized communities in Colombia teach an international audience what it means to build peace through art? An event where they are not only the protagonists but the hosts, and where their stories are the ones being understood and discussed?

Although the ex-combatant population has received significant international support for projects that allow them to meet immediate economic needs, cultural opportunities are limited or nonexistent. The first International Community Film Festival is an opportunity to bring the reality of the ex-combatants amid a cultural offer that engages the young population. The Festival promotes the creation of audiences in these new generations and has a pedagogical offer tailored to them.

EUNIC Colombia has had a year-long alliance with Historias en Kilómetros (HEK) and the Colombian Truth Commission (CTC). Together they have trained community filmmakers to become sustainable production companies. These filmmakers are now ready to host this festival. Tierra Grata, Cesar, will host this unique gathering, a community born with the Colombian peace process, where former FARC guerrillas laid down their weapons and transitioned to civilian life. This festival will bring together local production companies from the regions most affected by the armed conflict to show the work they have created with the CTC.

They will have horizontal conversations with Colombian and international experts in disciplines relevant to the social challenges portrayed in their films. This event will have screenings of national and international documentaries selected by a jury of Colombian and international experts. It will host panel discussions with social representatives on how film can represent a community's resistance and a peaceful future. This festival will serve as an annual meeting for an international network of community filmmakers.

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