European Spaces of Culture

Pan by THE Dance Company will be screened during DAWA at OCAT Shanghai. Photo: Bernie Ng scaled

European Spaces of Culture in September

In September several pilot projects for European Spaces of Culture are ready to launch their final project activities. See here a sample of the rich and engaging activities happening in amongst others China, Cameroon, Moldova and across the Atlantic!

Pan by THE Dance Company will be screened during DAWA at OCAT Shanghai. Photo: Bernie Ng scaled

Politics of Nature/The Mobile Game

The PoN mobile game was officially launched on 31 August. The game, developed by Brazilian independent game studio Ilex Games, is a fun and thought provoking collaobrative game for 12 to 15 year-olds based on profound research and philosophy, but duly simplified. This project builds on a co-creative Brazilian/European process which started in 2018 and involves youth climate NGOs Engajamundo and Fridays For Future Brazil (FFF). Stay tuned for more activities organised and following the launch!

Find out how to download this game for free on the project's website.

Cameroonian Cultural Network

The national tours of the Cameroonian Cultural Network have started! In the process of developing the digital platform, 10 artistic productions were selected to promote Cameroonian cultural spaces. In September and October, poetry, theatre, musical productions and more will take place.

Find out more about the upcoming events on the project's website.

Diverse As We Are (DAWA) - International Festival of Inclusive Culture

The International Festival of Inclusive Culture will take place on 15-25 September in Shanghai. The festival programme will present over 35 contributions and events from artists with and without disabilities hailing from Europe, China, and the rest of world. The festival will feature various performances, exhibitions, sports events, workshops, movies, and public discussions.

Find the festival's programme and DAWA's wider commitment to accessibility here on the festival's website.


On 23 September, the Day of Afro-Paraguayan Culture, the Kamba Sapukái festival will take place. The festival seeks to be a permanent international multi-artistic meeting of women and black descendants in Paraguay; an intercultural proposal that narrates the experiences of people of African descent through artistic expressions, oral and collective knowledge, focusing on representation, the work of black people and art as a tool for building identity.

Moreover, in September six artists will start their residency programme designed to exchange across the Atlantic and Latin America, including three resident musicians - Lázaro Torriente, Lester Domínguez (both Cuba) and Yolanda Eyama (Equatorial Guinea) - working on a shared poroject and exchange experiences and will have the opportunity to learn about the musical heritage of Equatorial Guinea.

More information will soon be available on the project's website.


MoldArte, the platform for the promotion of cultural actors from Moldova, continues its endevours to place itself as a facilitator and a promotor connecting experts and specialists in the cultural and creative fields with peers from the EU and Moldova, through two online public talks, four podcasts, three on-site visits, and eight courses dedicated to artistic professionals and artists on cultural management, sustainability through culture, advocacy, financing in culture and ”how to..” portfolios, from 21-28 September. Furthermore, the online platform expands with more bilingual resources targeting local specialists, through podcasts, synthesis articles, local mapping.

Follow the programme on the project's website.

Sayohati Sabz

In the last days of summer, Bactria Cultural Centre has organised an eco-art camp for young artists and art activists around Tajikistan (from Dushanbe, Khujand, Khorog, Kushonien). The artists, digital artists, video makers and photographers, craftsmen and students expanded their outlook in the field of contemporary eco-art, and learned about the masterpieces of prominent European and Central Asian artists working in the field of environmental performance and installation. Participants also reflected on the shared vulnerability to climate change. The eco-art camp participants continue to work on their individual art-objects and installations and these will be exhibited at an international conference and exhibition on 23 September, where the main topics will be environment, climate change and art.

Right to Speak

At the end of September, Wallonie-Bruxelles International and the Diplomatic Representation of Flanders are hosting a creative residency for Belgian and South African spoken word artists. The artists will collaborate on the themes of human rights, women’s rights and social justice. The residency consists of a two-day work session, followed by a public performance. Interested artists can register here until 12 September.

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